Vuvu Gospel Songs

20/03/2012 12:36

VUVU GOSPEL SONGS (vous-vous gospel songs).
It’s a borrowed expression from the original Kikongo language, "VU VU" means Hope.

The group VUVU GOSPEL is an independent group comprise by young singers Christians. At the beginning, the group was evolving in a local choir of a Baptist church based in LUANDA capital of ANGOLA and that time sang essentially the vocal rhythm.


In 1989, the brothers Zacaria Dombel and Fernand Dombel, had a vision to introduce new rhythm in the choir. Other members as brothers Alexandre Gaspar  and Joao Maviluka, joined the Dombel brothers to create a new group inspired by the PALATA SINGERS of the CONGO (BRAZZAVILLE) and GOLDEN GATE (United States of America).


he group adopted the designation of JAZZ SPIRITUAL. Step by step, the group started to break up from the control of the Baptist church.